"Your Connection to Wall Street"
The SBX Marketing Plan
Levels #Reps X Pay = Sub Total Total
Level 0 You
Level 1 3 X $20  =  $60 $60
Level 2 9 X $1  =  $9 $69
Level 3 27 X $1  =  $27 $96
Level 4 81 X $1  =  $81 $177
Level 5 243 X $1  =  $243 $420
Level 6 729 X $5  =  $3,645 $4,065
         Become ED After Sponsoring 20 on your First Level & Earn
        $1 Infinity Bonus Until Reaching Another ED's Downline
Level 7 2,187 X $1  =  $2,187 $6,252
Level 8 6,561 X $1  =  $6,561 $12,813
    ↓       ↓     ↓     ↓      ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓      ↓


(1) Weekly $100.00 Fast Start Bonus - As a QR, you will earn a $100.00 Weekly Fast Start Bonus for every QR that you sponsor. Every QR that is sponsored by Friday, will generate a $100.00 Fast Start Bonus on the following Friday.

(2) Monthly Residual Income -
As a Qualified Representative, in addition to the Weekly Fast Start Bonus, you will also earn a Monthly $20.00 Referral Bonus for each QR that you personally sponsor. This is your level (1). Each QR that is sponsored by your level (1) QR will fall on your level (2), and so on. Levels (2) through (5) generates $1.00 per month for each active QR. Level (6) generates $5.00 for each active QR.

(3) Executive Director Infinity Bonus -
As an ED, you will earn an extra $1.00 per month Infinity Bonus for every QR that is sponsored on levels (7) through infinity. However, Infinity Bonus is generated only until you reach another Executive Director's downline.


(1) Subscriber - Pays a $79.99 Monthly Subscription Fee. Can participate in the autotrade program. Will earn a $20.00 Referral Bonus for each subscriber, but cannot earn the $100.00 Fast Start Bonus from referring a QR. Subscribers will receive and generate compensation throughout the SBX Marketing Plan the same as a QR.

(2) Qualified Representative - Pays a one-time $150.00 Start Up Fee for the first month, and a Monthly Subscription Fee of $79.99 for each month thereafter. Upon sponsoring another QR, the Monthly Subscription Fee is reduced to $59.99 for that month. Can participate in the autotrade program.Can also participate in the full SBX Marketing Plan.
To become a Qualified Representative click here: Qualified Rep

(3) Executive Director - A QR that has personally sponsored and maintains at least 20 QR's on their Level 1. Will earn an extra $1.00 per month "Infinity Bonus" for every QR that is sponsored on levels (7) through infinity. However, the Infinity Bonus cannot overlap another Executive Director's Infinity Bonus.

Qualified Rep Upgrade

To upgrade to QR Click Here and put "Upgrade" in the "Comment" box.
Subscribers will be charged $75.00

Note: Payout on levels 2 to infinity will not be generated until SBX evolves out of its Founders Phase. However, all other payouts will be generated immediately.

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